PTA Mobile IMEI CHECK & Pta imei check online

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If you are looking for the process on how to register your phone right there with PTA, you can check out the complete details over here. It has become mandatory and important for Pakistanis to register their phones. Otherwise, they will not be given access to use their phone sets. The process is quick and easy to follow, and you will also get the details on the PTA IMEI check process:

Process of PTA mobile registration & pta imei check online

You only have to download the app of PTA and submit all of the correct information demanded at their end. Once you enter the information, they will issue and handover you a challan number. That challan can be paid by you online with the help of mobile banking services. Right after the payment is made, your phone is going to get registered. More details on IMEI check PTA are written below!

pta imei check online
pta imei check online

3 Ways of PTA mobile registration

A total of three methods are offered to the users regarding the PTA IMEI check online process. You can register your phone via SMS or through application submission or by accessing the concerned website. If you use the SMS method, you have to write your IMEI and send it right on 8484. If you do not know about your IMEI, then what you can do is to dial *#06# right from your mobile and get to know about IMEI.

Pta imei check

On the other hand, the second method via application here is its details for you. If you want to register your device, download and get hold of the application form you can access from the Google Play Store. Write down your IMEI on that application form and click on the submit button. Once the information is verified, the user will be notified whether his mobile device gets registered or not.

The third PTA mobile registration method available for you is to register your phone via the website. Visit the concerned website, enter valid details over there. In addition, you should be buying just the PTA-compliant mobile and SIM-based devices. Before buying the phone, know its IMEI and verify whether it is registered or not. Most importantly, the registered mobile phones and GSM devices will only remain functional, and the rest of the devices and phones will be blocked. For more details on IMEI check PTA, check out below.


PTA DIRBS and the process of iPhone registration

You have to follow the same PTA mobile registration process if you have an iPhone and register it. That has become a common practice that many people smuggle iPhones; that is why this initiative of registering phones has been taken so that a complete stop on the smuggling practice can be assured. Now, you have to register your mobile phones with DIRBS Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System, and this system was launched in May 2018. We hope that you have now understood the details on IMEI check PTA.

PTA IMEI verification process & pta imei check online

We have already told you that you have to send SMS to 8484 to the PTA IMEI check. If you get the reply stating Compliant, it all means that your mobile phone and also your IMEI is registered on the official notes. On the other hand, if you get the reply from PTA as Invalid, it means that your IMEI and your mobile device are not registered.

For the information, DIRBS has come out as an effective and authentic IT solution system for overcoming and resolving the issues of smuggled phone practice happening in Pakistan. The IMEI checks PTA guideline is mentioned to you. Follow them and register your phone.


Now, you have come to know the process of registering your phone at PTA and knowing about the PTA IMEI check online. If you still have any questions about this guide and procedure, you can let us know. In addition, you can share with us if you have registered your phone so far now or not. Stay tuned with us to have more updates.

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