Thai Lottery Result Date 1/11/2021 Full Completed Draw List Download

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Thai Lottery Result

Give us have a look at the complete details of the Thailand lottery Results. This system of lottery is formally originated by the Government lottery office working in Thailand. Note down that these lotteries are drawn on the first and also on the sixteenth of every month. If you have bought the lottery ticket, there is a chance that you will win big money overnight. This activity has become a legalized gaming movement, and it is officially permitted in Thailand country premises. Though it has low odds of winning if you get lucky, then the payout ratio gets massive!

More on Thailand lottery Result

If you have applied for the Thai lottery, let us know your experience and reviews. It is seen that a million number of Thais play and take part in the government lottery system. This whole processing is licensed as well as monitored by the government of Thailand. There are strict rules and regulations, and none of the unfair practices are seen while declaring the results. For claiming the prizes, make sure that you claim them within the time frame of two years after the draw date of the Thai lottery result.

How to claim the prize?

In addition, if your Thai lottery winning amount is less than 20,000 baht, you will be rewarded money right by the thai lottery retail vendor. One or two percent commission will indeed be deducted from the total and gross winnings from the winning amount. Besides, if your winning amount is more than 20,000 baht, then it is a must for you to be there in person with your winning ticket. A cheque will be issued to you, and you can encash that cheque and enjoy having your winning prize amount. Most importantly, all of the winnings are subject to withholding tax. You have to pay 0.50% tax on the Thai Government Lottery and 1% tax on the Thailand Charity Lottery. For more details on the Thailand lottery result, stay tuned with us.