WhatsApp is Introducing a Latest Feature for Audio Messages

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We have some amazing news for you that whats app web has recently made the most important announcement regarding his audio messages, and here you can check out the complete details and updates. All of you must have known that this one is a Meta-owned platform.

WhatsApp is known to be the most popular instant messaging platform. They have now introduced and launched a feature that will let you change the playback speeds of your audio messages. Yes, it is true! Furthermore, they have started and initiated the beta-testing of this respective feature, and hopefully, you will like the arrival of this feature. Rest, to have details on jazz monthly whatsapp package and Ufone whatsapp package, keep tuned with us!

All about the new feature linked with whatsapp audio messages

With this feature available on the jazz whatsapp package monthly, we like to tell you that you can forward the voice notes and audio messages on the fastest and slowest speed range. In the older version, the users were not allowed to change and fast forward the playback speed of their WhatsApp audio messages, but now this permission has been granted.

In addition, you can fast forward the voice notes to 1x, 1.5x speed range, or even at 2x speeds while using the song whats app package. Thus, you can now hear the audio messages according to your desired speed range. If you do not have enough time and the audio message is long enough, you can fast forward its speed. That is so amazing! And if you are a Telenor whats app package user, you can avail of this service for sure. What other details do you want to have on whatsapp about lines? Let us know about that.

When will this feature linked with whatsapp audio messages be introduced?

From the team of whatsapp, it is revealed that this feature available on the jazz whatsapp package monthly is currently in the development stage, and it will be officially launched sooner. It is right there in the future update section on WhatsApp beta that you can access it.

Moreover, this feature is available for both Android and iOS and zong whatsapp package users. The mission of this instant messaging platform, whatsapp about lines, is to keep on enhancing and improving the user experience. That is why they have introduced this feature! 

More on the upcoming WhatsApp feature

So, what do you think about this advancement of dpz for whats app? Jazz whatsapp package users can let us know their feedback on it. Keep in mind that this whats app feature is currently available in the recent beta version for iOS. It is presently in the underdevelopment phase, and it will sooner make its way in the next versions for Android users and even for the users of the jazz whats app package.

It is expected that Whats App has been rolling out an update to fix the media shortcut option right in their instant messaging app. A few of the Telenor whatsapp package users have noticed this bug presence, and those affected users came to know that the media shortcut option was not available to them.


So, are you excited to use this great fast-forwarding audio message speed feature initiated by dpz for whats app? You should be! We think users will appreciate and support such advancement and improvement because it will save their time listening to lengthy audio messages. You can keep tuned so that more details on what’s app web can be shared with you. Besides, get regular updates on the jazz monthly whats app package and Ufone whatsapp package.

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