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Aslam o alaikum dear

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Asalamo Alaikom

First Open  Routine

419 X **** = 1731 (1174) Open Pass 106

106 X **** = 1107 (9246) Open Pass 682
682 X **** = 4586 (3505) Open Pass 313
313 X **** = 9660 (2734) Open Pass 766
766 X **** = 5785 (7016) Open Pass 755
755 X **** = 5620 (7258) Open Pass 539
593 X **** = 2864 (6794) Open Pass ???


Now open
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FAISAL***QURESHI ke taraf say tamam

Members aur Visitors ko (Aslam)


City_____Karachi   Prize Bond_____750


 (1) First 2 Akra Tendola

(2) First Single Akra Tendola


(1) First Single Akra Tendola


First Akra Tendola  Formula 7551 sy start


7551 X 24437 = 1 Time Jazar = 13(58)3(9)53


First Second Single Akra


First Second Single Tendola



First Pass 539


5396 X 24437 = 1 Time Jazar = 11(48)3(1)20


First Second Single Akra


First Second Single Tendola



First Pass 481


4815 X 24437 = 1 Time Jazar = 10(84)7(3)10


Prize Bond 750 Karachi

First Akra


First Tendola




(2) First Second Single Tendola


First Akra Formula 6822 sy start


75 X 583531 X=End 191(53)5(9)9


Single Akra


Single Tendola



53 X 583531 X=End 956(48)8(1)7


Single Akra


Single Tendola



48 X 583531 X=End 784(53)1(4)1


Prize Bond 750 Karachi

Single Akra


Single Tendola



Last draw Formula aur Final Game sy Close (8) center (1) (481) Mubarak Special game siruf members ky leay



First Fourcast Formula

6822 Say Start


6822 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 583(3136)4


3136 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 246(7662)1


7662 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 309(7551)8


7551 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 483(5396)1


5396 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 692(4815)1


4815 X _____ 3 Time Jazar = 378(xxxx)2



First Only {2} Tendoly {4} Fourcast 100% full Guarantee Formula kay sath Final Target siruf Members ky leay




Faisal Qureshi























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