In Pakistan, the term prize bond is known out to be the form of the lottery bond. Alternatively, you can also make it known as the form of the non - interest-related security. It somehow offered by the Ministry of Finance and issued just as on behalf of the government of Pakistan. Plus the category of the funded boost up is being used a way to offset government borrowing and are also set apart into the timeline of the nature refundable to the bond owner on demand. Interest is even handed back to bond owners all the way through the medium of the prizes which are doled out to be carried away with the random selection of bonds. Prize Bond scheme is said bent on be all deemed as being the gold investment and is the legalized method of much an earning money and becoming rich overnight.

As by The Government of Pakistan, National Prize Bond Scheme was set up as the medium regarding borrowing the money from the public at cheaper rates and give cash prizes via lucky draws. This process of the lucky draws arranged in so many important cities of Pakistan as to be around 32 times annually, and Prize bond draw also organized as twice times in a month that is resulting in the morning schedule. The complete list of the winners announced in the evening.

Essential features of Prize Bond Premium 40,000 Worth Bond:

  • This category of the prize bond has set by the profit rate of around 1.5% bi-annual.
  • It is readily available in Rs 40, 000/ Denomination.
  • It is all registered by the name of the investor.
  • It is the quarterly Prize Money Draws all along with the Bi-annual Profit Payment.
  • It is meant in favor of the Individuals, as well as Public and Private Sector Institutions.
  • There is no need for any the application form as for the sake of claiming prize money as profit.
  • For 40,000 prize bond the highest prize of Rs 80, 000, 000/

  • What is the Procedure to Claim 40000 prize bond prize?

    As you learn that you are the winner, you can claim away from the prize money on winning prize bond list, by the way, where the owner has to fill the form and submit the following along with documents of the photocopy of valid CNIC. You will also be providing the reports about the original winning prize bond properly signed by the applicant and even the photocopy of the prize-winning bond correctly signed by the applicant. It will be, first of all, checked at field offices by the counter staff.

    Lists of Prize Bonds are in Pakistan:

    The prize bonds in Pakistan are available in the following denominations:

  • For Rs 100, the 1st prize is Rs.700,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.200,000. Third Prizes of Rs.1,000/-EACH (1,199).

  • For Rs 200, the 1st prize is Rs.750,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.250,000. Third Prizes of Rs.1250/-EACH (2,394).

  • For Rs 750, the 1st prize is Rs.15,00,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.500,000. Third Prizes of Rs.9,300/-EACH (1,696).

  • For Rs 1500, the 1st prize is Rs.3000,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.1,000,000. Third Prizes of Rs.18,500/-EACH (1,696).

  • For Rs 7500, the 1st prize is Rs.15,000,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.5,000,000. Third Prizes of RS.93,000/- EACH (1,696).

  • For Rs 15,000, the 1st prize is Rs.30,000,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.10,000,000. Third Prizes of Rs.185,000/- Each (1,696 Prizes).

  • For Rs 25,000, the 1st prize is Rs.50,000,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.15,000,000. Third Prizes of Rs.312,000/- Eash (1.696)

  • For Rs 40,000, the 1st prize is Rs.75,000,000. 2nd prize will be Rs.25,000,000. Third Prizes of Rs.500,000/ Eash (1,696).

  • For Preimum Prize Bond Rs 40,000, the 1st prize is Rs. 80,000,000/. 2nd prize will be Rs.30,000,000. Third Prizes of RS.500,000/ Eash (660).