Prize bond 25000 rupees

We all know that millionaires are present all over the world and many of them have not become rich as because of the ancestors. But many of them have try with their luck from the involvement of the lucky draws as well. They have bring a change in their whole lifestyle all through by checking their luck as putting into the investment savings over some of the legal things.

Hence the term Prize Bond in Pakistan is all stated out to be the legal and much the authentic way of Government upholding the scheme. It is giving out the chance to the people in terms of taking part into the certain form of the terms and hence also checking on with the luck to bring out with some change.

This page will be giving you the complete set of details and much needed information as related with 25000 rupees prize bond. We will be adding on the complete updating with all the important information as in respect with the current Prize Bond list all along with the number of top three winners.  It is to be mentioned that the denomination of Rs. 25000, hence the National Savings (Prize Bond) of Pakistan (CDNS), the winning amount of 1st prize is almost Rs. 50,000,000 while the three prizes of Rs. 15,000,000 as to be each has been reserved for the purpose of the 2nd position.

Savings Prize bond 25000

Further, there are also the placement of the 3rd prizes of Rs. 312,000 that will be awarded to each of 1,696 winning away with the numbers as well. You will be getting the complete set of the list as related with the Rs. 25000 Prize Bond as soon as it will be announced officially by the bench of State Bank of Pakistan. So if you want to keep complete up to date with the Prize Bond, you have to just stay tuned to this page to check away with the selected numbers.

Right into this webpage we will be giving you with the information related with the twenty five thousand denomination prize bond as to be all draws and results previously announced and going to be announced this month. This Prize bond 25000 is mentioned out to be the second largest prize bond just as after the 40000 Prize bond has been kept away with so many of the premium winning prizes as well.

This scheme has been put together with the high worth and the awards are mentioned out to be much attractive as well. You should be aware of the fact that the category of the winning amounts by this prize bond can somehow be change your life in days. The first prize of 25000 Prize bond is mentioned to be Rs.50,000,000/- (Five cror). This is the single prize and just one person can achieve it. Second prize will have the amount of Rs.15,000,000/- (15 Million Rupee).

The third prize amount is set with the range of Rs.312,000/- (Three Lac & Twelve thousand) that will that will be given away to around 1696 lucky winners. Just as according to the prize bond schedule the 25000 Prize bond results hence comes out with the access of the 7500 Prize bond draws that normally comes out in the months of February, as well as May, August and November. This hence means that in one single year, there are almost 4 draws that are to be declared for this prize bond.

Right from here you can search and also download all previous and recent comings 25000 Prize bond draws online. So what are you waiting for? Check out the details of 25000 prize bond right now!