The national saving centre is known for introducing great schemes for the small savers. Here we will talk about this SHUHADAS FAMILY WELFARE ACCOUNT. If you do not see the purpose and usefulness of this account, we are hopeful that the below-written details will guide you properly.
The sole and exclusive reason for launching this welfare account is to benefit and financially help out the families of Shuhadas. They are linked with the Armed Forces or with the niche of Law Enforcement agencies. Through this account, they will be given maximum social security.
Who is eligible?
You might be wondering who is eligible for this SHUHADAS FAMILY WELFARE ACCOUNT; we will let you know about that! You have to be the suitable and valid family member of the martyr, and it is a must for you to be a citizen of Pakistan.
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Shuhadas Family Welfare Account
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Eligibility details
Suppose you are father, mother of the martyr or eldest surviving brother, eldest unmarried surviving sister, eldest surviving widow sister, the eldest surviving son, eldest unmarried daughter, eldest widow daughter of the martyr. In that case, you can apply for this welfare account.

You have to submit the application form and important documents, and your SHUHADAS FAMILY WELFARE ACCOUNT will be opened up in the national savings centre. Visit the centre, and they will guide you extensively on what documents for this account.

Keep in mind that there is an investment limit if you wish to open this National savings account. The minimum investment limit is Rs 10,000, and the maximum investment limit has come out to be Rs 5000000. If you are an eligible family member, then you can only open one account.

Most of the welfare account holders have this ambiguity on the withdrawal of deposits! You can withdraw the principal amount anytime. You have to fill the slip or respective form, and the principal amount will be given to you right at that moment.


    • On the daily balances, the profit is calculated if you have registered for this National savings account. More balance gets maintained in your account; more profit will be given to you. The profit is payable on the first day of the next month and not before that!

No tax will be demanded from you! If you have opened this welfare account, you will be exempted from the withholding tax amount. No tax charges will be demanded from you. That is their official and current policy that we have shared with you.

Now, when it comes to zakat, no deduction will be made in this case. The same policy remains developed on the Behbood Savings Certificates. It means that if you have opened this Shuhada Account, then no Zakat will be deductible.

We think that numerous National savings scheme is followed and launched by the government of Pakistan. Through such schemes, it gets easy for the small savers and middle-income bracket people to meet their both ends meet easily. The presence of these schemes makes the hardships less challenging for them!

Shuhadas Family Welfare Account

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What else information do you want to have on this SHUHADAS FAMILY WELFARE ACCOUNT? Do let us know! We will let you know about that sooner for more details on the rest of the schemes, products, and savings certificates as launched by the National savings centre.
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