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Draw [7500]

Challange 10 Akra Winners


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One Akra Challange


Close Challange


Center Challange

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FAISAL***QURESHI ke taraf say tamam

Members aur Visitors ko (Aslam)


City_____Multan   Prize Bond_____40000


(1) Open Formula

(2) Close Formula

(3) Center Formula

(4) 4th Figure Formula


(1) Open Formula


First Open routine 6808 sy start


68 X 60367 X=End 168(50)663


Open (5)(0)


First Pass 598


59 X 60367 X=End 126(85)372


Open (8)(5)


First Pass 550


55 X 60367 X=End 110(23)628


Open (2)(3)


First Pass 374


37 X 60367 X=End 498(88)751


Open (8)


First Pass 878


87 X 60367 X=End 275(82)758


Open (8)(2)


First Pass 822


82 X 60367 X=End 245(03)430



Prize Bond 40000 Multan






(2) Close Formula


First Close routine 0155 sy start


015 X 96376 X=End 2089(8)750


Close (8)(3)


First Pass 680


680 X 96376 X=End 4294(9)253


Close (9)(4)


First Pass 598


598 X 96376 X=End 3321(5)451


Close (5)(0)


First Pass 550


550 X 96376 X=End 2809(7)208


Close (7)(2)


First Pass 374


374 X 96376 X=End 1299(2)149


Close (2)(7)


First Pass 878


878 X 96376 X=End 7160(2)275


Close (2)(7)


First Pass 822


822 X 96376 X=End 6275(9)782


Prize Bond 40000 Multan







(3) Center Formula


First Center routine 5987 sy start


598 X 6455 X=End 149(00)294


Center (0)


First Pass 550


550 X 6455 X=End 126(04)275


Center (0)(4)


First Pass 374


374 X 6455 X=End 582(82)167


Center (8)(2)


First Pass 878


878 X 6455 X=End 321(20)442


Center (2)(0)


First Pass 822


822 X 6455 X=End 281(53)742



Prize Bond 40000 Multan







(4) 4th Figure Formula


First 4th figure routine 0155 sy start


015 X 78987 X=End 140376(28)


4th figure (2)(8)


First Pass 6808


680 X 78987 X=End 288488(87)


4th figure (8)(7)


First Pass 5987


598 X 78987 X=End 223107(21)


4th figure (2)(1)


First Pass 5502


550 X 78987 X=End 188728(12)


4th figure (1)(2)


First Pass 3741


374 X 78987 X=End 872678(83)


4th figure (8)(3)


First Pass 8783


878 X 78987 X=End 480950(37)


4th figure (3)(7)


First Pass 8225


822 X 78987 X=End 421555(61)


Prize Bond 40000 Multan


4th figure




First Fourcast Formula

5987 Say Start


6808 Zarab_____> XXX End = 16279(5987)0


5987 Zarab_____> XXX End = 68017(5502)3


5502 Zarab_____> XXX End = 27839(3741)4


3741 Zarab_____> XXX End = 52730(8783)1


8783 Zarab_____> XXX End = 82452(8225)2


8225 Zarab_____> XXX End = 93164(xxxx)9



First Only {1} Akra {2} Tendoly {4} Fourcast

100% full Guarantee Formula kay sath

Number kay leay Rabta kary.



Faisal Qureshi

***King of Game***





















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Vip Guess papers uploaded successfully check it now


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