The current rate of US dollar to pkr

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It has become harder and a lot tougher for the Pakistan Rupeescurrency to beat the US dollar rate. And this time again as well, we have seen that Rupeeshas crashed again for one more time. Here you can check out more of the details on this US dollar Pak Rupeesupdate!

The current rate of US dollar to pkr

The Pakistani Rupees(PKR) has broken and damaged its winning streak completely against the US dollar rate (USD), and it is now depreciated 73 paisas right against the interbank market. In addition, the Rupeescurrency is depreciated wholly by 0.42 percent against the USD dollar. It is currently closed at Rs. 175.04 in the interbank market.

The nervous surge and devaluation of Rupee- All about US dollar to pkr

All in all, we have seen and noticed this nervous surge in the Rupee. Check out complete detail on the USA dollar to pkr rate from here. The economic situation of Pakistan is not going fine. That is why the dollar rate is going higher day by day, and the Rupeesrate is being devalued and depreciated on the worst notes.

During some of the times, the local currency gets closed at an all-time low rate, which is Rs. 175.73. Experts are of this view, and analysts have concluded that Rupeeshas been depreciating again and again. Because of this situation, the loan interest amount is also getting higher, and our country is just getting jam-packed with the debt-filled state.

Agreement with IMF about the rate of US dollar to pkr

You might have heard about this news that the latest agreement took place between the Government of Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They have to give $1 billion to Pakistan. Still, with the increasing rate of USA dollar to pkr, we will sooner be in a difficult and tougher situation.

The Rupees are just recovering on the slowest and lethargic notes, and the whole interbank market situation is getting choppy. Experts have come up with this final analysis that PKR has failed to post gains right against all of the major currencies and the inter-bank currency market.

How much Rupeesrate is lost against other currencies?

Most importantly, the Rupeesrate is lost on the great and highest notes against the major currencies. So far, it has lost Rs.1.13 completely against the Canadian Dollar (CAD). In addition, its rate was reduced to 60 paisas counter to this Australian Dollar (AUD). On the other hand, it has lost 80 paisas compared to this Pound Sterling (GBP). The sad and gloomy part of the USA dollar to pkr rate is that Rupeeshas made a re-entry in its crumbling sway, and it has lost 79 paisas against the Euro (EUR).

You will not believe it, but this is also true that the Rupeescurrency faced blanket losses contrary to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) as well as it lost ten paisas amount against the Chinese Yuan (CNY). When it comes to the UAE Dirham, our Pakistan Rupeesrate reduced to 20 paisas, and the rate decreased to 19 paisas against this Saudi Riyal (SAR). More updates on US dollar Pak Rupeesare coming up, so stay tuned.


Now, you have grabbed enough details on US dollar Pak Rupeesrate! We hope and pray that the Rupeescurrency gets stabilized and not devalued and depreciated more and more. If our economy gets better, then the nerve-wracking state of PKR will get improved as well. What else do you want to know about the US dollar rate? Feel free to share your queries.

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