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  • Profit Rate is 1.79% bi-annual.
  • Available in Rs 40,000/- Denomination.
  • Registered in the name of investor.
  • Quarterly Prize Money Draws as well as Bi-annual Profit Payment.
  • Here you can know complete details on Premium Prize Bond. The national savings center launched it. Most importantly, one denomination of Rs. 40,000, and there is this one denomination of Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond. If you want to get this prize bond, you will end up getting a profit rate of 1.79% bi-annually. In addition, it remains reported by the directorate of national savings that the prize bond money draw happens four times in a single year. It gets registered in the name of the investor.


Date of Draw Place of Draw
10-12-2021 SBP BSC, Lahore
10-06-2019 SBP BSC,Peshawar
10-09-2019 SBP BSC, Muzaffarabad
10-12-2019 SBP BSC, Quetta

*In case of public holiday the draw will be conducted on next working day.

More details on Premium Prize Bond.

  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Account Maintenance Certificate ( A/C title , IBAN number , status of a/c , Bank & Branch Name).
  • Tax Certificate in case of Filer.
  • Nominee CNIC detail.

Senior Citizens and Ladies are requested to contact the Counter Official without waiting for their turn.

Download Application Form for Purchase of Premium Prize for Individual Only. Click here

On getting this national savings certificate, you become part of Quarterly Prize Money Draws and get Bi-annual Profit Payment. Only Pakistan citizens and overseas Pakistanis can apply in it. The prize money amount will be directly credited, and the profit will do transferred to you. In addition, there is no need to give an application form for claiming your prize money amount and profit amount. The highest prize for the denomination of Rs 25000 is Rs 30,000,000, and for Rs 40,000, the prize amount is Rs 80,000,000, as said by the national savings organization.

Why choose Premium Prize Bond?

If you apply in this respective national savings scheme, note that WHT is applicable and you will remain exempted Zakat. These bonds are transferable and even pledge able. You can purchase these bonds through sources by submitting a cheque or paying the order. Besides, you can have these premium prize bonds from the State Bank of Pakistan (BSC). Some prefer purchasing these bonds from authorized commercial bank branches. If the draw date comes on a public holiday, results will continue announced on the next working day. Rest, to have details on the national savings 750 draw 2022, keep tuned!


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