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Quick Preview Certificates
Here you can check out the complete details on Quick Preview Certificates. We know that the national savings centre has launched so many savings schemes. Like, we have defence saving certificates and regular income saving scheme and also behbood saving certificates. Check out their details now.
Defence saving Certificates
The defence National savings certificates have a maturity of ten years. You will get the profit once the maturity time is completed. You need to pay zakat and also the withholding tax if you have applied to this scheme. The minimum investment limit is Rs 500, and there is no maximum limit. There is more information for you on these Quick Preview Certificates.
Special saving Certificates
The particular National savings certificates have a maturity span of three years. You are given profit two times in a year. The minimum investment limit done from your side is Rs 500, and the maximum money you can put in this scheme is unlimited. You have to pay for both zakat and withholding tax.
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Regular income Certificates
For these regular income National savings certificates, the maturity span is going to be given five years. In addition, you will get the monthly profit, and the person does not have to give zakat if applied in this scheme. However, he has to provide withholding tax while investing his money in these certificates.
  • Expert team For this category of behbood saving certificates, the maturity time is ten years, and you get monthly profit if applied in this scheme.
  • The person does not have to pay any tax or zakat if he capitalises his money in this scheme.
  • For more details on Quick Preview Certificates, keep connected with us.

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