Prize bond schedule
Here you can get the complete details that are about the prize bond schedule. We think that this is a great scheme that pushes the person to invest in it. If you get lucky, then a big cash prize will be given to you. On putting your money in schemes linked with prize bonds, you do not get a monthly profit. You can even call it with the name of lottery bond. Lots of people are putting their money into such schemes, and they are really satisfied with it.
Who introduced it?
This respective prize bond schedule 2022 was introduced by the government of Pakistan. If you think you often get lucky enough and your name might appear in the random draw, then become part of these schemes. In addition, prize bonds will be performed right at a higher value if your name appears in the draw. 2021 is coming to an end and if you want to become a part of this lottery scheme in 2022, check out the complete details from here. The national savings center has launched this scheme nomination's of prize bond.
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According to the prize bond schedule, you can buy bonds with the denominations of 100, 200, or 750, 7500, or even 1500, 15000, and 25000 rupees. The whole processing of this prize bond scheme is commenced by the committee constituted and made by the Central Directorate of the National Savings center. The result is declared and drawn through (HODM). It is operated including run by special children, and each result is announced in front of the Committee members and the general public. You can let us know if you have ever attended such a prize bond draw ceremony.
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Prize bond- Schedule

prize bond schedule

How is the result announced?

Note that the prize bond schedule 2022 draw machine (HODM) is checked and inspected by the general public before the results are announced. In this manner, none of the people will have any doubt about the declared results. You can attend the ceremony showing your original CNICs. You can freely share with us if you have ever purchased the prize bonds and whether you got lucky in them or not. The rest of the details on the upcoming prize bond declaration ceremony will need sooner to be shared with you.

If you do not know how to encash these prize bonds and details on prize bond draw schedule 2022, we will tell you. The process of purchasing and encashing these bonds is quite simple enough. In addition, you can buy and encash them by visiting any of the SBP BSC branches, which we call the name of State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank. You can even see and check out the offices of National Saving Centers and buy and encash these prize bonds. The other option available for you is to visit the designated branches and offices of commercial banks.

On this platform, we have penned down up-to-date details for the prize bond schedule 2022 that is going to be commenced from January 2022 till December 2022. We like to give you this general information that we have Rs 100, Rs 200, and Rs 750 prize bonds. In addition, people invest in the Rs 1500 prize bond, Rs 7500 bond, and Rs 15000 prize bond. At times, people prefer getting Rs 25000 and Rs 40,000 premium bonds. Remember that if the draw date comes on a public holiday, then the result will be announced on the very next day.

Those people who have shown immense interest in these types of bonds must have understood that it is a non-interest kind of security bond. , The minister of finance issues it, and these bonds have gained immense popularity worldwide. This one is a great opportunity given to the middle-class income bracket people to make big cash. You can even check out the details of the prize bond schedule 2022 online and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

    Most importantly, if you have bought Rs 100 prize bond, the first prize winning amount is Rs 700,000, and one winner will be announced. The second prize has the winning amount of Rs 200,000, and three winners are announced. The third prize has the winning amount of Rs 1000, and 1199 winners are announced for it. That is the current information that we have shared with you on the prize bond draw schedule 2022.

Then we have a Rs 200 prize bond! According to prize bond draw schedule 2022, its first prize-winning amount has come out to be Rs 750,000, and just one winner is announced for this niche. The second prize-winning total amount is Rs 250,000, and each of the five winners will be given this amount. For this Rs 200 prize bond, the third prize-winning amount is Rs 1250, and 2349 winners are given this amount. Moving to the Rs 750 prize bond category, the first prize will give Rs 1500,000 to the winner. The second position gets Rs 500,000 winning amount, and three persons are given this amount. The third winning amount is Rs 9300, and 1696 persons are given this cash prize.

As you have caught up enough details on the prize bond draw schedule 2022, you can let us know which prize bond denomination you want to put your money in now. You can take further guidance from the staff of the national savings center and explore this world of prize bond more and more. No doubt, it is a great investment security option that you can go for. The only drawback is that this scheme is not going you any premium or any profit on it.

If any person is selling the prize bonds online, then stay away from such fraudulent situations. It would help if you only bought these bonds from the verified branches of commercial banks and national savings center offices. In addition, we like to tell you that prize bond results are announced every second week. It generally happens that the 1st working day of the month turns out to be the result declaration day of prize bonds. Most importantly, every denomination draw and prize bond schedule is going to commence quarterly.


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Prize bond schedule

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Lastly, the validity of these prize bonds extends up to six years right from the date of draw. On winning the prize bond amount, you have to pay tax as well. The withholding tax amount is 15% for FBR NTN holders, and here we are talking about the filers, which is 25% for nontax filers. That is the current tax amount that all prize bondholders should keep in mind. For more details on the prize bond schedule, stay tuned.
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