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National savings account
You do not have to go anywhere now because we have complete details for you on the national savings account introduced by the national savings centre. If you are a small saver, then you can open this account. Below, you can catch up and grab complete details about it, so do look at it and know the difference between current and savings accounts.
General information
For information, the savings account is one of the oldest or ancient offerings launched by the national savings centre. This product was established to motivate the small savers to invest their money in this scheme and get handsome profits. It is a great way to meet your day-to-day financial needs.
Target audience
The target audience of this savings account is the national citizens of Pakistan. If you are one of the Pakistani Nationals or Overseas Pakistanis, you can open an account over here. A single adult can open the account, or two adults can open the account. Stay tuned to have updates on the difference between current and savings account.
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How to register? - National Savings

national savings

In any of the national savings centres, you can open the best savings account in Pakistan. In addition, you have to submit documents and proper forms, and then your account will be officially opened over here. The condition is free of cost.

What documents to submit?

For adult Pakistanis, they have to submit a copy of their Computerized National Identity Card. Furthermore, overseas Pakistanis have to attach a copy of their National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) card or attach a copy of their Pakistan Origin Card (POC).

Minors have to attach a copy of their Form B or give a copy of their Child Registration Certificate (CRC) as issued and given by NADRA. These are the essential documents you must attach with the form if you wish to open this respective and the best savings account in Pakistan.

You can open up this monthly savings account by simply depositing cash or draft or pay-order at any of the National Savings Centre. If you have put in your money through money, your report will get opened up right away. And if you have put in your money through the draft, then some working days will be taken.

    Now comes the investment limit part! The minimum amount you can put in in this account is Rs 100, and the maximum limit is unknown. Just one person can open one account at one single time and not more than that! Your other account will get cancelled if mistakenly two accounts are opened.

If you want to withdraw the deposits, then keep in mind that you can cancel them anytime. There is no restriction in this regard. Once you have put the cash in your account, you can withdraw the amount thrice a week. This is their current withdrawal policy that they have penned down on the best savings account in Pakistan.

The profit rates on this monthly savings account will be credited on 30th June every single year. Like whatever balance you have maintained till this date and month, you will profit from it. Thus, this is quite a great way to save your actual investment and get profit in return from it.

The rate of tax is deducted as follows:

  • The tax is applicable if you have opened up this monthly savings account. The Withholding Tax is 15% for the filers, and for non-filers, it is 30%. This tax amount will be deducted from the profit that you will be getting every year.

National savings

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Lastly, the zakat rules and conditions are applicable. For more details on this savings account, you can keep tuned with us. In addition, if you have opened this account in the savings centre, share with us your experience. Further details on the difference between current and national savings account are coming up.
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